by Courtney Robb

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released January 1, 2006



all rights reserved


Courtney Robb Adelaide, Australia

When you are watching Adelaide songstress, Courtney Robb, the first thing that hits you is a rare honesty and sense of self that pulls you along with her on an emotional roller coaster. Her husky, but undoubtedly Australian vocals are woven with purposefully delicate guitar in a style teetering on the edges of folk, country and blues. ... more

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Track Name: Perfectly Unplanned
Images of you make me wanna cry
You've got that look upon your face that's saying someone tell me why
Makes m kinda blue, also makes me smile
to see and hear you once again makes the memories seem worthwhile
what can I say?
It'll never be the same
Oh it seems to me
That it worked out perfectly
To see him in your arms and to hear you speak his name
to know you're gonna love him for the rest of your days makes my demons fade away
Track Name: Coming Home
You've forgotten what it's like to feel alone
Laying in bed at night knowing he ain't coming home
Everything in the house just makes you sad
Reminds you of the love that you once had
He ain't coming home, he ain't coming home
Tell yourself i's OK to be alone
Because he ain't coming home
You share a bed with someone you no longer love
Each night you take a breath and try to rise above
He's hurt you more than anyone can bare
He's made you think you're the one who I unfair
That boy's gotta go, that boy's gotta go
Tell yourself it's OK to be alone
Because that boy's gotta go
And here I sit in my cozy little room
Feeling safe and warm like you used to
there's no comfort that I can offer you
your strength of spirit is enough to see you through
He ain't coming home, that boy's gotta go
Tell yourself it's OK to be alone
You've just gotta take it slow
Track Name: One Direction
Now they all seem to think it's OK t come crying at my door
well I tell you now baby I don't know what to do anymore
Cause I'm tired of trying I'm tired of giving the benefit of the doubt
Why don't you just open up that door and let yourself out
I can't get this darkness out of my mind
I know the sun is shining bright outside but someone's gone and closed the blinds
And I didn't realise that it only worked in one direction
now it must be my fault I'm the only one who lets them
And I'm on my own all day long and it does not feel right
shouldn't there be someone else here standing by my side
I can't get this darkness out of my mind
I know the sun is shining bright outside but someone's gone and closed the blinds
I'm longing for that guiding faith to pull me through again
But every time that ugly monster knocks me down I find it harder to get up again
Track Name: I Miss You Tonight
I'm in two minds whether or not I am managing
My heart disagrees with my head
I'm finally getting all of the sleep I need
But it's cold in my bed
And I miss you tonight, I miss you tonight
When chocolate doesn't seem o be any substitute
When movies are no escape
When everything surrounding me simply points out that you won't be there when I wake
And I miss you tonight, I miss you tonight
Lying in bed at night just remembering
the last night we were alone
all the little things that mean so much to me
I realise when I'm on my own
And I miss you tonight, I miss you tonight
Track Name: Glances and Kisses
I always said I need to breathe
I always said I didn't need anyone
To act like my king, or listen to me sing
or fill up my house with all of his things
You're always away, we can go for weeks
Only conversing when I am asleep
I'm hating the sound of the dog up the road
Cause it reminds me that I'm on my own
I'm alone I've got no one to phone and I'm craving voices
My own company it offers no sanity, but I've got no choices
I know that you will be home soon
and if I'm lucky you'll bring me some food
I know even though you don't do the dishes
You show me your love through glances and kisses
So tell me again of the day that we met
You always remember the things I forget
And tell me again what we're doing this for
I am at peace when you walk through the door
I'm with you I've got nothing to prove
Yeah you're like a plate of my favourite food
So lay down with me and I will be content to hold you
Track Name: Into the Haze
I'm trying too hard
To please all the ones who I think might be watching
I'm not travelling so far
To do all those things I think you may be wanting
A year ago I let down a wall and it gave me a rush that I had been missing
Now all that I do is just wait for that call
Chasing the feeling for which I have been wishing
I gotta do it for myself
Forget about everybody else
Close my eyes and fade into the haze
oh help me dear
I wonder if you'll ever be around
What is it that I fear
I'm too scared I'll let myself down
I gotta do it for myself
Forget about everybody else
Close my eyes and fade into the haze
And now I'm so preoccupied by the thought that I might not get by
Forgetting lines every time I look into those burning lights
Can't you see my hypocrisy I'm not free it's failing me
Let me get down take off this crown everybody's reading me
Track Name: Inside
Say you can't remember the last time he kissed you without wanting more
He spends the night in the other room because he says that your snore
All the time that you've put into this, all of the tears that you've shed
They'll all go to waste now honey because of the signs that you've read
And you hold yourself back again
And you close your eyes and dream of a better friend
And you restrain what you wanna say
And you hold I all inside
Tell me why do we all keep making the same mistakes
Aren't we strong enough to say just a little more than OK
Cause you still wanna kiss him goodbye even though he makes you cry
And you still need to hold him so tight even though you always fight
You think that you're going crazy, beginning to lose your mind
Because when you confront him about it all that he does is deny
I see that it's bringing you down, little bit by little bit
You say you don't know what to do
Cause you love him be he ain't no good for you
Track Name: Unarmed
My hands have got nothing to do
But hang on to the hope that there's life without you
Won't stay still and I'm trying to sleep
From you there is nothing able to
Keep me sane, keep me calm
Keep my thoughts so distracted it leaves me unarmed
Let me breathe, help me see
This ain't the way it's supposed to be
I've been lonely before
But this silence is under my skin
Could be mistaken for a sense of well being
When they knock on my door
Track Name: Remedy
If ever there was a time it was make or break it's now
I can't avoid the choices anymore
Cause the time is now and I keep missing my window
I gotta know what I'm fighting for
I'm sure we could cruise along for another year or two
Not doing nothing worthy of a single memory
But I'm tired of living this non-giving existence
And there's only one remedy for me
Track Name: Cliches
She ain't got nothing to do
But think about all the things that make her sad
Ain't got nothing to lose
Bides her time and dreams of what she could have had
I can't hold her up 'cause I'm worlds away
I can't think of all the right things to say
I don't think clichés get her through the day do they
And if I wore those shoes
You know the kind that make you wish you were invisible
I wouldn't know what to do
Except try to find that one thing that makes it bearable
She sits and she waits for the plane to come
'Cause it's the one clear thing she's got to focus on
And in the meantime she blames herself
Track Name: Off My Feet
It's been too long under this roof
It hasn't been long enough since I fell in love with you
A year in our timezone feels like a week
And I try to stand up for myself but I'm swept off my feet
I've climbed these stairs too many times
To find a place to be alone and cry
I sleep through the days each the same as the last
My life is a TV show and I'm not even part of the cast
I don't wanna do this anymore
You're the only reason I walk back through that door
I don't wanna do this anymore
We talk about the future but it seems to me
We can't even get organised to do the laundry
I have the right to be upset I just wanna let you know
That I don't blame you
I should've fixed this a long time ago
Track Name: Scared
I have nothing left to prove
I've done all I ever wanted to
Strip back everything that hides me from the world
And you will see that I am just another girl
I don't need these walls no more
They don't do the job that I built them for
I want all my flaws to show
And if you don't walk away then I guess I know
I'm scared to let you down
I'm scared to piss you off
I'm scared that this effect is starting to wear off
It's getting harder now to hold it all inside
I am sorry baby I scare myself sometimes
You said there's no way out there' nothing I can do
I said there's no way I can be that girl for you
I never dreamt that it could ever be like this
I stumble further down with every single kiss